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Would you risk your family’s future on a product with an 80% failure rate? Of course not. Legal Zoom, a leading provider of online wills, has stated on its website that 80% of people who use fill in the blank forms to create legal documents do so incorrectly. Will you be part of that 80%?

Online will companies are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. They only provide fill in the blank forms.

Wills have many potential pitfalls. It is easy to accidentally disinherit someone, such as a child from a first marriage or a grandchild born after the date of the Will. Wills are often invalidated because the signing and witnessing legal requirements are not followed. Many people do not put contingent beneficiaries in their wills, and end up not passing their assets to whom they would have chosen if a beneficiary predeceases them. A good lawyer knows how to avoid these pitfalls.

A faulty will can cause your beneficiaries to lose their only source of income, leave property in limbo, and cost your estate thousands of dollars in litigation. Are online wills worth this risk?